Transilvanian Brunch in Meşendorf, 28th of April 2012

Transilvanian Brunch: local food.tastes good “Brunch & Cultural Dessert” in Mesendorf on 28th of April 2012.

The participation costs 40,- Lei /person (children free of charge). Booking on / Cristian Cismaru or / Jochen Cotaru or on the mobile number: 0040-(0) 722-396.755.

The program of the Transilvanian Brunch for  the year 2012:

28th of April 2012, Brunch in Meşendorf
26th of May 2012, Brunch in Floreşti
30th of June 2012, Brunch in Alma Vii
28th of July 2012, Brunch in Hosman
25th of August 2012, Brunch in Apoş
29th of September 2012, Brunch in Apold (MS)